Comprehensive Asset Searches

Someone owes you money. They tell you they have none. Or they hide.

We can find them and we can find their assets. Deadbeats hide and they hide their money and assets.

If you've gone one step further and you have a judgment against someone, it isn't worth the paper it's written on unless the debtor has attachable assets. We know what they are and we know how to find them. If they truly have none, we can tell you so you can move on with your life.

​Whether it's real property or personal property, we will find the people and tell you what they have. When you hire Nelson Confidential Investigations to perform an Oregon asset search, you are dealing with someone local. We have a 503 number, not an 800 number. We're in Oregon, not another country. You can call us with questions, not wait through an automated system.

We are real. We are genuine. We are thorough.

We have access to several different databases and we can use them all until we find what we are looking for. If your debtor has assets and they can be found, we will find them.

If you have a need for an asset investigation, call the team at Nelson Confidential Investigations today at 503.575.5015 or email us at for a free consultation and price quote.